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Our Fabry Family Tree Short Film Series 2016

We want to bring to light the hereditary impact of Fabry disease and show the role of pedigree analysis in diagnosis. Watch our short film series about it now!

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We learn a lot from our family trees. Some good things and some challenging things. The gene responsible for Fabry disease can safely be categorised as a challenge, as it passes on for several generations and potentially affects many close and distant relatives.

Fabry family tree film series 2016

Made with family members, the MPS Society, healthcare professionals at The Royal Free Hospital in London and the genealogist Dr. Nick Barratt, best known for his work on television’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, Our Fabry Family Tree traces a family’s story of Fabry disease using a combination of pedigree analysis and traditional ancestral research.

What’s pedigree analysis?

Pedigree analysis looks at a Fabry patient’s family tree to analyse who has inherited the disease and is showing symptoms, and who has the disease but doesn’t show any symptoms.

Physicians do this to work out the probability of a patient passing Fabry on to somebody else in the family and to diagnose any family members who may not realise they are living with the disease. Another word for this technique is family mapping.

It’s extremely important that pedigree analysis is part of diagnosis as it can really help to identify Fabry patients early on. Here’s an example of what pedigree analysis can tell us:

Pedigree Analysis Diagram
Pedigree Analysis Key

Watch the series here

The webisodes offer a new perspective; one that we hope will help other families just beginning their journeys on a rare disease diagnosis:

Our Fabry Family Tree, in support of International Fabry Awareness Month

Our Fabry Family Tree Webisode 1: Finding Fabry

Our Fabry Family Tree Webisode 2: The Fabry Effect: The Impact on Our Family

Our Fabry Family Tree Webisode 3: Our Family’s Future with Fabry

Coming soon…

We have good news, the Fabry Family Tree series is back for Fabry Awareness Month 2017! This time we are following an Argentinian family on their journey to diagnosis.

Learn more about Fabry Awareness Month

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I suspect other members of my family will test positive and that’s a path we’re still on today. It’s not been easy but we’re moving in the right direction.

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